How to choose high quality acrylic products?

Date:Feb 20, 2021

How to choose high quality plexiglass products?

1. See the light transmittance of the board surface: good plexiglass products should have better light transmittance, which can reach 92%. High quality acrylic should have good light transmittance and transparency. If the board surface is cloudy and hazy, it is definitely not a high-grade product. Plexiglass products


2.Look color: the mouth (edge) of plexiglass products made of imported raw materials should be transparent. If it is yellow, discolored, hazy, it must be inferior. If the color of the mouth is too yellow, it should be made of recycled material. Organic glass processing

3. Panel feel: by touching acrylic products, if the panel of plexiglass products is smooth, round, delicate, good feel, and not easy to leave finger marks, it is a superior product.

4. Listen to the sound: when knocking on the surface or corners of plexiglass products, if the sound is not clear and dull; otherwise, if the sound is clear and crisp, it may be PS material pretending to be acrylic products.

5. Test the bearing capacity: the stability and bearing capacity of good plexiglass products must be better. In the range of standard load, there should be no deformation or distortion when placing articles at will.

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