How to cut acrylic sheet?

Date:Mar 01, 2019

How to cut acrylic sheet?Let's have a look.

1. Preparation. Operators should wear gloves, protective glasses and other labor protection articles.

2, The operator adjust the size with vertical and horizontal tool, turn on the power switch.

3. Two people lift the acrylic sheet to be cut onto the cutting table and press the blow button to make the acrylic float on the table and move freely.

4, After the acrylic positioning, press the stop button, and then press the suction device to firmly fix the acrylic in the specified position to achieve the positioning effect.

5. When the cutting is finished, press the stop button and then press the blow switch.When the whole piece of acrylic after cutting is shifted to the flap table (open the air blower motor of the flap table before translation).

6, According to the knife mark horizontal bonus small pieces, the rest of the material in the designated location.Fold the small pieces of acrylic on the shelf.

7. Clean the cutting table and the acrylic broken pieces on the table with a pallet cloth.The action is repeated repeatedly.


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