How to distinguish acrylic board

Date:Jan 14, 2020

1. Observation method

It can be observed whether the acrylic surface is discolored or glossy. It can also be seen whether the acrylic plate instructions are consistent with the story materials, so as to judge whether it is a normal material.

2. Combustion method

A small piece of acrylic can be taken for combustion. If it burns quickly, it means that the quality of acrylic is unqualified.

3. Light transmission method

You can use white light to pass through the acrylic plate. The acrylic plate with good quality has high transmittance. After passing through, it is white. If there is yellow or blue, it means the quality is not good.

4. Paste method

The two acrylic plates can be combined. It is difficult to separate the inferior acrylic plates after hot melting, and the good acrylic plates can be separated easily. Therefore, the quality of the acrylic plates can be distinguished through this experiment.

acrylic-bedside-tableacrylic-bedside-table (2)

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