How to use acrylic sheets to advertise fonts?

Date:Jan 08, 2019

The variety, specifications and styles of the acrylic art characters should meet the design and environmental requirements. According to the variety of art characters selected, the installation and fixing method is determined. According to different materials, suitable installation materials such as adhesives, bolt fixings, embedded fixings and wood screws, welding materials and fixing methods are selected.

Main equipment:

Electric welding machine, hand drill, electric hammer, stone cutting machine, air compressor, cutting machine, steam moving nail gun, pre-plating platform, special fixture, spreader, installation scaffolding, size bucket, scraper, scraper, oil Brush, water brush, wrench, rubber hammer, cloth, etc.

1. First engrave the acrylic sheet manufacturer (3mm is suitable) with a engraving machine

2. Surrounding edge: Stick the illuminating side strip with 495 glue to the engraved or blistered word (be careful not to put the glue on the board)

3. Base plate: Then use the engraving machine to engrave the PVC board into a bottom word. (This forms a word and a bottom word)

4. Install the module: Fix the LED light on the bottom plate and glue it with glue.

5. Back cover: The PVC word with the lamp is fastened on the back of the acrylic word, sealed with screws or sealed with glue.

6. Connect 12V power supply: Finally, select the appropriate power supply according to the power of the LED light.

Tip: When bending a right angle, use a knife to cut a 90-degree oblique groove on the panel of the side strip. The right angle is so beautiful. It is better for the LED module to draw a power line every 100 pieces in series to prevent the module from achieving good results due to insufficient power supply. There are generally 2-3 12V output circuits on the switching power supply. When wiring, try to make the load of the three outputs average, which can effectively improve the heat and life of the power supply.

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