Is the transparency of acrylic related to the quality of acrylic?

Date:Jan 17, 2019

The color retention time of the acrylic products, the flatness of the board surface, and the light transmission properties determine the quality of the acrylic sheet.

Acrylic sheets are mainly classified into three categories according to their material classification: one is imported board; the other is Taiwan-funded board; the third is domestic board.

They differ in the origin and transparency of the raw materials used. This is also the key to determining the quality and price of the board.

Imported plates refer to pmma raw materials imported from abroad. Permeability is also excellent.

Taiwan-funded board, listed as Tomson. The acrylic sheet produced has a uniform color, no water marks, and a small thickness error. The color is bright and bright.

Domestic plate refers to the raw material used in the production of sheet metal, and the other is produced by secondary processing of various acrylic sheet recycled materials (PMMA).

The disadvantage of the domestic board is that the surface water marks are obvious, the thickness is uneven, the yellowing is easy, and it is not suitable for plastic forming, and is only suitable for engraving. The advantage is that the price is low. After the experiment on the color rhyme tablet machine proved. There is a certain gap between the effect of the spray and the import.

Therefore, the higher the transparency of acrylic, the better the quality of the board, the more likely it is the imported version or the Taiwanese board, which means that the factory is pursuing more quality and beauty.

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