Manufacturing methods of acrylic products

Date:May 23, 2020

Acrylic products are more and more popular in all aspects of life. For example, the high transparent acrylic box will reflect the luster under the light, so it is very practical to place and store cosmetics and other living articles conveniently.

Acrylic products are made in the following ways:

(1) Breaking grinding method

Plexiglass stacks and pastes the plate-shaped plexiglass together. After cutting, the acrylic section is relatively rough and opaque, and it doesn't look very beautiful. Therefore, it needs to be polished and polished after polishing, which can achieve the effect of high transparency. Then the cross-section is directly milled and shaped. The handicraft made by this method can get the effect of changeable color and simple and natural.

(2) Hot simmer method

Process the plexiglass to a certain shape, heat the plexiglass, and directly nest and knead it by hand. In advance, the composition of the picture is clear-cut, and the action is agile. The handicraft made by this method has the advantages of bold lines, simple image and so on.

(3) Paste method

After cutting the plexiglass into a certain shape, it is pasted on the plane. Such a acrylic box is made, which looks beautiful and practical.

(4) Hot pressing

After heating the plexiglass sheet, it is hot pressed in the mold. This kind of handicraft has the characteristics of full body, fluent curve, strong plane sense and relief effect. The hot pressing die can be made of wood and oil mud, then the materials of cast lead and gypsum can be used as the internal and external mold, and the plexiglass can be pressed after heating.

(5) Mosaic method

The plexiglass blocks of different colors are cut into the required geometric figures, which are inlaid and spliced on the bottom plate. Jun translation industry introduced this method to request close splicing, edge I contend, can receive intense color, but also seamless effect.

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