Technology of Laser Cutting Thin Glass

Date:Mar 08, 2019

Nowadays, the quality requirement of glass products is getting higher and higher. In addition to considering different material characteristics, processing technology must also achieve more precise, detailed and pure processing results. Innovative laser cutting technology has become the standard of glass cutting in many industries. In the increasingly demanding market such as electronics, there is an urgent need for innovative glass cutting technology.
The traditional glass cutting method, which uses cemented carbide or diamond cutter, is widely used in many applications. Its cutting process is divided into two steps. First, the glass is cracked on the surface of the glass by diamond knife point or carbide grinding wheel; then, the second step is to use mechanical means to separate the glass along the crack line.
However, there are some drawbacks in using this method to scratch and cut. Removal of materials will lead to debris, fragments and micro-cracks, which will reduce the strength of the cutting edge, thus requiring another cleaning process. The deep cracks caused by this process are usually not perpendicular to the glass surface, because the splitting lines generated by mechanical forces are generally not perpendicular. Moreover, the loss of output caused by mechanical force acting on thin glass is also a negative factor.

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