The difference between plastics and acrylic

Date:Feb 28, 2019

Acrylic has high transparency, light weight, wear resistance, fall resistance and other excellent properties, and has similarities with plastics.
Acrylic is a kind of thermoplastic material. Plastics is a kind of macromolecule compound with monomer as raw material, commonly known as plastics or resins. The connection between them is that acrylic is a new type of plastics, but plastics is a general term for all macromolecule compounds which are polymerized by addition or condensation reaction with monomer as raw material. Plastics can change their composition and shape freely, and there are many kinds of plastics.
Distinguish acrylic products from plastic products:
One is to see the transparency and freshness, high transparency, even more transparent than glass, plastic can not match, and acrylic color is very bright, and the color of plastic products is darker, not as bright as acrylic.
Second, it depends on the smoothness and color of acrylic. Under the light there is a shiny luster, crystal clear; plastic products are poor in smoothness, rough and will not shine under the light.

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