The latest price list of plexiglass of various specifications

Date:Mar 08, 2019

Plexiglass is a popular name. The chemical name of this polymer transparent material is polymethyl methacrylate. According to the report of glass market research, plexiglass is polymerized from methyl methacrylate. Plexiglass is expensive, but it looks like a family to ordinary glass. In fact, they are completely different from each other. Although the price of plexiglass is expensive, it is widely used, not only in commerce, light industry, construction, chemical industry and so on. And the production of plexiglass is widely used in advertising decoration and sand table model.
The latest price list of plexiglass of various specifications
3 mm organic glass: about 130 yuan
Acrylic plexiglass 1 mm thick: 98 yuan per sheet at 1220*2440
Medium and high-grade plexiglass: generally 200-300 yuan
Price of 5 mm PMMA: 125 yuan per square metre
5 mm thick plexiglass plate price: about 50 yuan per square meter
0. 8 cm thick plexiglass pull price: about 220 yuan
The lettering on plexiglass is about 500 yuan.
The price list of various specifications of plexiglass is introduced above for your reference only.

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