What are the advantages of PMMA ultra-thin light boxes?

Date:Feb 28, 2019

Compared with ordinary PMMA light box, the ultra-thin PMMA light box also has the following advantages:
1. Extremely thin and beautiful appearance: Strong light guide plate solves the limitation of traditional light box because it is too bulky; the thickness of light guide plate is between 1 cm and 4 cm, the thickness of light guide plate is 25-45MM, and the traditional light box is 120-180MM, which limits the occupied area.
2: Energy-saving and environmental protection: Ultra-thin lamp box is made of plexiglass sheet, which has good light transmission and saves more than 70% energy than traditional lamp box. It can greatly reduce the operating cost and meet the government's requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection. The light intensity is uniform, comfortable, soft and high brightness, which improves the advertising effect of the product.
3. Safety in use: Protect the light guide board of the advertisement picture from heating, avoid the lamp tube baking the picture, and ensure that the lamp box is safe in use, the picture does not fade, and does not deform. A row of fluorescent lamps are installed in the traditional lamp box. The picture is uneven in brightness and shadows. It is easy to appear "ribs" phenomenon, which affects the advertising effect.
4. Easy installation and maintenance, simpler and quicker lamp replacement, self-replacement within five minutes, less lamp tube is used, and the cost of lamp tube and ballast replacement is saved. It can greatly reduce the installation and maintenance time and maintenance cost.
Fifth, the quality is stable and reliable, and the service life of the light guide plate is 8-10 years.
Ultra-thin plexiglass light box has a wide range of uses: mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, chain stores, restaurants, restaurants, airports, wharfs, subway, stations, wedding photo studios, exhibition and exhibition projects and other industries.

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