What are the application acrylic of the company?

Date:Jan 23, 2020

 acrylic application area

1. architectural application: window, sound proof doors and windows, daylighting cover, telephone booth, etc.

2. Advertising application: light box, signboard, signboard, display rack, etc.

3. Traffic application: train, car and other vehicle doors and windows.

4. Medical application: baby care box, various surgical medical appliances and civil products: sanitary facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, brackets, aquariums, etc.

5. Industrial application: instrument panel, cover, etc.

6. Lighting application: fluorescent lamp, chandelier, street lamp cover, etc.

Application fields: hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, clubs, villas, museums, medical treatment, education, catering, exhibition, etc.

Application area: ceiling, integrated ceiling, partition, screen, sliding door, transparent wall, hotel furniture, office furniture, bar, lighting, chandelier, logo, sign, floor, landscape, etc.


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