What are the characteristics of acrylic

Date:May 21, 2020

It is often said that acrylic plate is polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) plate, which is polymerized by "methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA)". Or it is extruded from acrylic particles by a extruder. In the past, the board was commonly known as plexiglass. In order to distinguish, PMMA board made of high-quality pure material MMA is specially named acrylic board, so as to distinguish it from general plexiglass board.

1. It has crystal like transparency, light transmittance over 92%, soft light, clear vision, and acrylic dye with good color development effect.

2. Acrylic plate has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and luster, and good high temperature performance.

3. Acrylic plate has good processing performance, which can be hot formed or machined.

4. Transparent acrylic plate has light transmittance comparable to glass, but its density is only half of that of glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass. Even if it is damaged, it will not form sharp fragments like glass.

5. The wear resistance of acrylic plate is close to that of aluminum, with good stability and resistance to various chemicals.

6. Acrylic plate has good printability and spray coating. Proper printing and spray coating process can give acrylic products ideal surface decoration effect.

7. Fire resistance: it is not self igniting but inflammable and does not have self extinguishing property.

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