What are the common acrylic products in life?

Date:Jan 05, 2019

Walk into the snack houses and chain convenience stores in the streets and you will find a variety of acrylic snack display racks. The most common of these is the transparent food box, because the food box is primarily concerned with safety, followed by aesthetics.

Acrylic food box with high-definition transparent Tomson board Food-grade material Safe and secure is the customer's preferred food box material. The multi-layer display stand can meet the uniformity of the visual. The design of the ladder is designed so that the customer can see at a glance and know where they need it.

Into the large and small shopping malls and supermarkets, such information cards can be seen everywhere. The place where customers are located is definitely the service concept that requires customers first. Then you need special information guides, acrylic price cards, acrylic signs and so on.

Now, especially the little fairies are increasingly demanding desserts, going into various cake shops, various large and small acrylic cake shelves, fruit trays and so on.

In recent years, with the increasing maturity of acrylic processing technology, acrylic styles are endless and innovative. The proportion of acrylic products in life is getting heavier and heavier, and it basically penetrates into all aspects of life.

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