What are the reasons for choosing acrylic pet bed

Date:Apr 10, 2020

Acrylic pet bed can bring the most comfortable enjoyment to pets and provide the warmest home.Polyacrylonitrile fiber is the trade name of polyacrylonitrile fiber in China, while overseas polyacrylonitrile fiber is called "Aolun" and "Cashmere". Polyacrylonitrile is a polymer material obtained by free radical polymerization of monomer acrylonitrile. Polyacrylonitrile is white powder with a density of 1.14-1.15g/cm. Under normal pressure, it will soften and decompose at 220-300 ℃. Pure polyacrylonitrile is brittle and hard, and its dyeing property is poor. When polyacrylonitrile fiber is introduced into the second monomer and the third monomer, the dyeing performance will be improved. Acrylic fiber is known as "artificial wool". Its textiles are widely used in clothing, decoration, industry and other fields.

The advantages of acrylic pet bed are as follows:

1.The performance of acrylic fabric is similar to that of wool, but its elasticity is much better thanthat of wool.

2.Acrylic fabric is better than wool in warmth preservation. Acrylic fiber is fluffy and curly in shape, and feels very soft. Therefore, its warmth preservation is much better than that of wool fabric. There was a saying of "synthetic wool" at one time.

3. At present, the strength of acrylic fiber is about 22.1-48.5cn/dtex, while that of wool is about 1-2.5 times lower than that of acrylic fiber.

4. Acrylic fiber has strong sunlight resistance, that is to say, excellent sun resistance. If you put acrylic fiber in the sun, there will be no problem at all. Some experiments show that the strength of the

articles made of acrylic fabric is only reduced by less than 20% after being exposed to the sun for one year, which shows how high the practical use is.

5. Acrylic pet bed made of acrylic fabric is generally not afraid of acid attack. It has excellent performance of acid resistance, oxidation resistanceandgeneral organic solvent

acrylic pet bed

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