What is an antistatic acrylic sheet

Date:Jan 11, 2019

Some customers will ask: Does your home have an antistatic acrylic sheet? Customers who are constantly exposed to acrylic products know that they have acrylic sheets with such characteristics.

Acrylic products are widely used. Acrylic anti-static boards are required in some special industries or where special requirements are required. For example, a clean, dust-free space or a place where insulation is required.

So what is an anti-static acrylic sheet?

The anti-static acrylic sheet is formed by a coating technology to form a thin and very thin anti-static hard film on the surface of the acrylic sheet. This is formed by machining, so it will not lose its effect when used. Even if it is wiped with a chemical solvent such as alcohol, it has no effect. This process not only ensures the high-definition transparency of acrylic, but also achieves the effect of preventing static electricity at the same time.

Of course, this anti-static hard film is time-efficient, and the quality of the anti-static board can be used for 3 to 5 years, so it needs to be updated at a certain time.

The anti-static acrylic sheet has a transparency of up to 90% and above, and has good antistatic function and scratch resistance. Anti-static acrylic can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust after treatment by special process, avoid the damage caused by static electricity, and meet the requirements of precision machining in various industries.

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