What is the effect of acrylic bonding on plexiglass?

Date:Mar 08, 2019

Polymethyl methacrylate, also known as PMMA or sub-afterburner, originated from Organic Glass in English, is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weatherability, easy dyeing, easy processing and beautiful appearance. It has a wide range of applications in the arts and crafts industry.
Pure acrylic transparency can reach 95%, with crystal-like crystal quality, so many acrylic products are treated and treasured as crystal products. How to show the clarity and transparency of acrylic crafts, reflect the value of acrylic crafts, maximize the grade and taste of acrylic crafts, bonding technology plays a decisive role here.
The bonding process of acrylic plate is mainly affected by two aspects:
1. Applicability of the adhesives themselves.
2. Operation skills of bonding.
There are many adhesives in domestic and foreign markets. There are mainly two types. One is bi-component, such as universal adhesive, epoxy resin, and the other is single-component. Generally speaking, two-component adhesives are bonded by curing reaction, and one-component adhesives are the final volatilization of a solvent to achieve bonding. The characteristics of two-component adhesives are good bonding effect, no bubbles, no whitening and high strength after bonding. The disadvantages are complex operation, great difficulty, long solidification time, slow speed and difficult to meet the requirements of mass production. The general one-component adhesives are characterized by high speed and can meet the technological requirements of mass production. The disadvantage is that the adhesives are easy to produce bubbles, whitening and poor weather resistance, which directly affects the appearance and product quality of acrylic products.
Therefore, in the process of acrylic products, how to choose the appropriate adhesive to improve the grade and grade of acrylic products is a major problem that must be solved first in the bonding process.

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