what is the feature of acrylic?

Date:Mar 01, 2019

1. Pure acrylic surface compared with composite acrylic, pure acrylic refers to its main raw material consisting of methyl methacrylate (MMA) and aluminum hydroxide (ATH) and natural pigments, without any resin. The visually pure pmma is more glossy than the composite acrylic and the color is more fashionable.

2, acrylic card, such as: the so-called pure acrylic artificial stone, that is, a new generation of high-tech products composed of methacrylic acid methyl vinegar (made denture material) polymer and natural minerals and pigments, Xi'an Acrylic Taiwan card, which contains 35 The %-40% modified resin (MMA) sheet, commonly known as "acrylic resin", is relative to the modified acrylic resin (MMA) content of 12% to 14% of the composite acrylic.

3. Compared with pure aluminum powder or calcium powder filler, pure acrylic artificial stone has better flexibility, more translucent color and better environmental performance. Pure acrylic artificial stone is strong in anti-pollution. Solid stone surface has no stubble stains such as pores, smoke marks, ink marks and tea stains. It can easily remove soapy water or detergent. The material texture is firm, antibacterial and impervious, and the surface material is non-radiative. It is green. Environmentally friendly products.

In short, the biggest advantage of pmma custom products is their repairability. Fine scratches and scratches can be removed with sandpaper. Serious damage can be repaired by grinding. If acrylic custom products are used for a long time, they can be refreshed after simple maintenance.

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