What kind of pet beds do your pets like?

Date:Aug 28, 2019

Is there a reason the dog needs a cave type bed? Most dogs do well with a regular flat bed, or sleep well at the foot of your bed, which is what I'd recommend.

In terms of cave-type beds I'll strongly recommend an airline-approved crate because it offers so many advantages.

  1. A dog sleeping in an airline-approved crate will survive most earthquakes.

  2. Housebreaking is a piece of cake.

  3. A dog who loves his airline crate is easy to transport anywhere, anytime. He won't attempt to escape. He believes he's safe, and vet visits are a breeze.

  4. It's always easy to contain a dog who loves his crate. Your house will never be destroyed when you come home to a dog in a crate.

What's not to love? If you agree that your dog appreciates being covered up, then you understand why a dog will love a crate. The smaller the better. Dogs like to lie on a soft pillow, but the enclosure can be constructed of any material

acrylic pet bed

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