What kinds of photo frames can be divided into

Date:Apr 13, 2020

The photo frame is similar to a square, with blank space inside. The blank space just contains the commonly used photos. It is mainly used to locate the four sides of the photo and enhance its beauty. It also helps to protect the quality of photos, such as the picture frame with glass, which can prevent the color of photos from turning yellow, etc. It's a hollow decoration.

1、 Wood: made of various kinds of wood, commonly used are Tung, white, nanmu, pine, etc. The common structure of modern simple wooden frame on the market is mainly plane wood.

There are two main uses of wood  photo frame:

(1) . for decoration materials such as ceiling decoration materials, the edge materials of corner wall joints can be used. It can also be used to enclose doors and windows.

(2) For example, the photo frame of a picture, the frame of a mirror and so on.

2、 Plastic: plastic photo frame is divided into many kinds, such as PS foam and PVC, PP and other materials injection molding.

Silver plastic electroplated photo frame, it is an organic matter. The weight is very small, so it can be made into a large photo frame, convenient to carry. PS picture frame material is a kind of frame material which is formed by high temperature heating of PS filler and has film on its surface. This material is light, good toughness, slightly poor strength and easy to break. Be careful when transporting. PVC, PP material, is a kind of mold forming, this material is light, good toughness and strength are better than PS, many styles and processes can not be achieved by PS, and the price is relatively low than PS. The plastic picture frame has gradually changed from a single picture frame to an integrated design, that is, the integrated design. The integrated picture frame: it means an integration, not a picture frame.

3、 Digital

A digital frame is a frame that shows digital photos, not paper photos. Digital photography will certainly promote the development of digital photo frames, because less than 35% of the world's digital photos are printed. Digital photo frame usually directly plug in the camera's memory card to display photos, of course, more digital photo frames will provide internal storage space to connect with external memory card functions. Digital photo frame is a photo frame. However, it is no longer displayed by putting photos into it, but displayed through a LCD screen. It can get photos from SD card through the interface of card reader, and set the way of cyclic display, which is more flexible and changeable than ordinary photo frame, giving digital photos a new display space.

4、 Glass

Glass frame refers to the frame made of glass as the main body. The frame is the whole glass through cutting, carving, sandblasting, trimming, color painting, polishing and other processes. The finished product is colorful, noble and elegant, with brilliant light, practical and creative modeling in one, unique and full of sentiment

The production process is: design, proofing, sample fixing, cutting, edge trimming, carving - (polishing), color painting, protective layer, back plate, quality inspection, inner packaging, outer packaging (packing). Float plate white glass or artificial crystal glass are often used for production, which requires highlighting the technological value.

5、 Aluminum alloy

The surface color of aluminum alloy picture frame is treated by electroplating technology. The color includes frosting, bright sandblasting, champagne sandblasting and bright silver.

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