What material is good for the jewelry display?

Date:Jan 10, 2019

The value and grade of the jewelry itself, so the jewelry display stand is also a category of material selection in the product display. Compared with the ordinary product display stand, the jewelry display stand is not only a simple product placement and display, but also pays more attention to the value of the display stand on the product itself.

The commonly used materials for such display stands are as follows: The first is acrylic sheet. Acrylic display stands are excellent display props that have been widely used in recent years with the rise of the exhibition display industry. It is a kind of chemical synthetic material with excellent transparency and processability. It is also the most common display frame making material at present, and has been widely used in various fields such as cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco and alcohol, digital products and so on. . The display frame made of acrylic sheet can bring out the smart and luxurious quality of jewellery and has good visual effect.

The second is wood and leather. Wood and leather are materials that are often used in the production of special jewellery display stands, especially for displaying special jewellery of special significance or special value. The third is steel. Steel is the material used in the more traditional jewellery display stands. Including mirror stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, etc., are more common materials used. However, due to the excessive tradition and production process, many merchants have begun to gradually abandon the completely steel display stand, and only use it for the frame structure of the jewelry acrylic display stand. As a carrier of jewellery, jewellery display stand can be successfully designed to successfully establish a good brand image of jewellery companies, and can also successfully deepen people's interest and memory of jewellery brands in ordinary life. At the same time, it is possible that a very fine jewelry showcase can still increase the sales of jewelry.

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