What's the difference between crystal and glass?

Date:Mar 08, 2019

Glass, because of its transparency and reflectivity, and easy to color, is often used in occasions where there are certain requirements for light and color, such as optical instruments and various art decoration. Modern technology has brought new vitality and vitality to the glass industry, but also greatly improved the performance of glass. We will briefly introduce the difference between crystal and glass, and explain its advantages and disadvantages.
The difference between crystal and glass
Crystal is a very popular gem. In ancient times, it was called "water essence", that is, the essence of water. It is also called "water jade", "white", "jade crystal", "thousand years ice", "Buddha stone", "light stone" and so on. Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, also believed that crystals evolved from ice. In fact, crystals are crystals of silicon dioxide (SiO 2), which have no intrinsic relationship with water or ice. It is usually colorless and transparent, but it can have different colors when it contains iron group elements, such as purple, yellow, smoky gray, etc. When the crystal contains fibers or acicular minerals arranged in a certain direction, it can be processed into "crystal eye hunting" or "star crystal" or "crystallization". If it contains water inclusions, it may become "biliary crystal".

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