What’s the difference between PVC and acrylic display

Date:Aug 16, 2019

How to distinguish which material is fit for your product? Pls see explanation of 2 aspects below.

1. viaproduct to be shown

1) Small items are frequently made of PVC. PVC can beeasily shaped and off set printing can be used on it, which makes cost lower.Below attached are some PVC boxes.

2) large items are usually made of acrylic. Acrylic display is with better looking, also can be use longer use than PVC display. However, its cost is much higher.

2.  difference between acrylic and pvc

Acrylic is with better transparency , in higher class, but with higher cost than PVC. PVC display is much more solid, lower cost and easier assembly than acrylic display. Thus acrylic is widely used in high-end display and PVC is used as auxiliary material for display.

1) Acrylic is with strength of transparency,low turbidity, easy processing, as well as good with standing of high temperature. It can stand up to strong ultraviolet sunlight exposure,resisting solvents and chemicals. The weakness of acrylic is poor impact resistance, butimproved acrylic can meet request of production.to meet the production.

2) PVC is with feature of excellent chemical stability and good corrosion resistance,, as wellas good hardness, high strength and anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging), It is also with feature of fire retardant (self-extinguishing) and reliable insulationproperties as well as smooth surface and non-absorbent, non-deformation, easyprocessing. Its disadvantage is low plasticity and not fit for large displays.

In total, choosing PVC or acrylic to make display is determined by many factors such as budget,type of products, place where display is put,etc. Of course, these two kinds of materials can be combined on one display, thus it can reduce cost and increase display’saesthetics.

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