What technology will be used in the production of acrylic display shelf?

Date:Dec 24, 2019

1. Broken grinding method.

The acrylic display shelf produced by the method of breaking grinding is to paste the plate-shaped organic glass overlapped together, and then directly grind the cross-section to form. The acrylic display shelf made by the method of breaking grinding is changeable in color, simple and natural.

2. Hot pressing.

In the production of acrylic display shelf by hot pressing method, the acrylic plate should be heated first, and then hot pressed in the mold, with high production efficiency. The acrylic exhibition frame made by this modeling method has the characteristics of smooth lines, strong three-dimensional sense and relief. The hot pressing die can be molded by wood, oil mud and other materials, and then the cast lead and gypsum materials can be used as the internal and external mold, which is convenient and quick.

3. Vertical mill method.

There are some similarities between the vertical grinding method and the broken grinding method in the production of acrylic display  shelf. It is also to grind and polish the acrylic plate directly on the grinding wheel after bonding.

4. Paste method.

The acrylic display shelf produced by paste method is first to cut the acrylic plate into a certain shape, and then to form by paste splicing.

acrylic display shelf

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