what the plexiglass is

Date:Feb 27, 2019

Is plexiglass glass?

The answer is: "No", they are not a variety, plexiglass is an organic substance extracted from petroleum, processed material. Glass is a relatively transparent solid material that forms a continuous network structure during melting, and gradually increases in viscosity during cooling and hardens and crystallizes silicate-based non-metallic materials.

Plexiglass is as transparent as glass, has high transparency, is easy to dye, and is easy to form. It is a substitute for new glass materials.

The application of plexiglass is becoming more and more extensive, and it is gradually replacing the products that glass can do. Moreover, the toughness of plexiglass is high, even if you fall on the ground, it is not easy to break, and it has the toughness of plastic bag.

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