Why Acrylic Products Could Replace Glass Products

Date:Feb 28, 2019


Acrylic is much lighter than glass, in fact, it is less than half the weight of glass. This could be very important for cars as there is a lot of focus on reducing weight, especially when adding other things like larger engines. It is likely that larger loads of acrylic can also be transported because of this.

acrylic flower box rectangle (1)

2)Light Transmittance

Glass can only transmit between 80% and 90% light whereas acrylic can actually transmit up to 92% light. Acrylic also reflects light much better than glass which again makes it a good substitute for glass particularly in relation to windows.

Wrapping film +Bubble bag +Foam+Carton (2)

3)Impact resistance

Acrylic is a lot stronger than glass and where glass shatters, acrylic usually only cracks but if it breaks it does so into large but blunt edges. This is why they are very appropriate for windows as they are things that are more likely to receive some impact at one point in time.

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