Why can acrylic replace ordinary glass?

Date:Jan 10, 2019

1, weather resistance

Strong acrylic anti-climate ability is very strong and will not be exposed to sunlight and frostbite and other reasons become yellow and brittle, making cleaning very convenient. Usually pay attention to the merchant's light boxes, billboards and roadside lights around the next road. Many use acrylic materials, regardless of wind, rain, snow, sunlight, acrylic light boxes and billboards. The life of the lampshade is very long. The acrylic material is stable and light.

2, strong plasticity

Acrylic molding is very free and can be freely processed into the type that is really desired. Because acrylic materials are less complex than ordinary glass materials, acrylic products can basically meet the needs of custom products in various industries. For example, the makeup display stand, photo frame, watch stand, or large aircraft window, fighter window cover, tank view window, etc., which are common in daily life, can be made according to customer requirements.

3, strong impact resistance

Acrylic has a higher fighting ability than ordinary glass. This is indeed tested abroad. When a certain thickness of acrylic material is placed in front of the test protector, the standard American assault rifle continuously shoots against acrylic. The material can never penetrate and hurt the target, so this is why acrylic is used as a bulletproof material and is widely used in some foreign head buses.

All in all, the reason why acrylic can replace ordinary glass is to compare it from weather resistance, strong plasticity and strong impact resistance. For acrylics who have quality assurance, they also need to consider the environmental issues of acrylic. Some ordinary glassware moves because it is heavy and inconvenient. However, if the home has a product made of acrylic materials, the recycling cost of this material is very high. With so many advantages, people prefer acrylic to gradually give up glass.

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