Uv Sanitizing Wand

Uv Sanitizing Wand

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uv sanitizing wand


this uv sanitizing wand can destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in viruses with a light wavelength of 240-280nm. Our UV light sanitizer wand is authoritative certified by FCC, CE, RoSH that anti-germ rate up to 99.9%

Portable design, Sterilize Anytime your want

very effective and fast, can Disinfect Effectively in 10s

with child-safety button, widely used to clean phones, toys, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes, pillow inside, clothes and bed stuff.

durable and long life 

this UV light sanitizer is a exquisite wand that with nice touch feel, adopted the selected ABS material and advanced led light beads to ensure obvious sterilization effect and durable LED UV Lamp lifespan more than 10,000+ hours, proven works for effective disinfecting and sanitizing, and safety in useuv disinfection wanduv light wanduv wand sterilizer

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