3 Nesting Acrylic Corner Risers

3 Nesting Acrylic Corner Risers

Date:Mar 06, 2019

Plastic platforms, display risers that showcase products elegantly are ideal for use in commercial locations. Business owners use acrylic shelves to exhibit products such as memorabilia, antiques, figurines, doll collections, model cars, hand bags, perfumes and more. Display risers include (7) sizes of platforms ranging from 8”w x 8”h x 8”d down to 2”w x 2”h x 2”d. Each set can be arranged according to the user’s needs to create a dynamic and effective presentation.

Many home owners use this jewelry stand to organize accessories in a closet or on a vanity. Display risers are ideal for showcasing individual items and are great for residential use. The plastic cubes provide an elegant exhibit for collectibles and special accessories. These display risers that are attention grabbing are commonly found in boutiques, toy stores, antique shops, malls as well as in residential settings. Store fixtures like these plastic pedestals have been proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for boosting sales in business. Display risers, also called raised platforms, can be placed inside of larger glass exhibits for precious merchandise not meant to be handled. Each stand provides a classic presentation for store items while embellishing the décor of any environment. 

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