4 Hole Acrylic Ice Cream Stand

4 Hole Acrylic Ice Cream Stand

Date:Mar 07, 2019

These acrylic cone stands are great for featuring ice cream in restaurants, cafeterias, and kitchens. Each display is made for countertops and has four slots for frozen treats. The tabletop cone stands have a clear plastic fabrication that makes ice cream pop in restaurants and cafés. The dessert displays' four slots each measure 2" in diameter and will fit other food and drink options as well as condiments and toppings. Our countertop ice cream stands are easy to clean after holding messy folding treats.

These ice cream cone stands are excellent for featuring frozen treats in cafés, restaurants, and cafeterias. The frozen treat displays' clear acrylic construction makes desserts highly visible to customers.  Our clear stands for confectioneries are easy to clean thanks to their acrylic fabrication. Simply wipe down the plastic fixture to remove the chocolate and vanilla drips that have accumulated.

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