Acrylic Ballot Box With Lock

Acrylic Ballot Box With Lock

Date:Mar 05, 2019

The acrylic donation box is a larger fund raising bin standing at 40” tall and 15.5” wide. Collect money, suggestions, or raffle entries with the display! An insert slot on top of the ballot box can fit 5”w x .25”d collection papers. Located at the rear bottom of the fund raising container is a locking door which opens on hinges. Make the collection of ballots easy by using the door when the box gets full. Constructed of clear plastic, the locking entry bin is completely transparent which allows passerby to see the funds or raffle tickets inside.

Are you shopping for an acrylic drop box to collect donations or employee suggestions? This clear container is the ideal solution. This entry box, acrylic ballot box is a nine inch cube enabling users to collect large number of entries or monies. Each container is made with high quality material that is durable and able to withstand years of use. This suggestion holder, acrylic ballot box features a large sign frame that also acts as the back of the box. The signage holder is ideal for posting informative signage regarding a charity or contest rules. This acrylic ballot box with a header is easy to change out graphics without having to unlock the unit. The old image is slid out the side through the openings.

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