Acrylic Charity Donation Boxes

Acrylic Charity Donation Boxes

Date:Feb 25, 2019

Clear Acrylic Suggestion Box comes with a 9"w x 11"h Header

The clear acrylic suggestion box, also called a comment container, is perfect for collecting suggestions from employees or collecting ballots. The donation display comes with a removable 9"w x 11"h header. This clear acrylic suggestion box's header can be used to let people know what the drawing is for and when a winner will be announced. Each comment displays' header can notify the public of the charity money is being collected for as well. This clear acrylic donation box's header can be removed if a sign is not needed. The suggestion display is ready to be used right from the packaging. The clear acrylic comment box that is completely transparent allows passersby to see the funds or raffle tickets inside. This comment container is an affordable means of not only collecting suggestions, but money and raffle entries as well.

Clear Acrylic Box

Each clear acrylic suggestion box has a top locking panel to prevent tampering. The ability to lock the container makes these displays perfect for donations. The clear acrylic suggestion box that has a large interior of 9"w x 9-1/2"h x 5-1/2"d is great for large sweepstakes, as there is ample space for many entries. The donation container has a 4-1/2"w mouth to easily fit sweepstakes cards. Each clear acrylic sweepstake box can be bolted to a wall by the (2) holes in the back of the display. The comment bin could be placed on a wall right next to an employee lunch room or time clock. This clear acrylic donation box that can be secured to a counter top as well since it also has (2) holes on the bottom of the display.

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