Acrylic Elastic Properties

Acrylic Elastic Properties

Date:Nov 19, 2018

The production process of an acrylic product can be said to be a systematic work, which consists of many processes to form a complete acrylic product. In order to make some unique shapes, some acrylic products often have some places to bend, some have curved curvature, or are directly bent into a certain angle. So, how does acrylic achieve this effect of bending?

Acrylic bending, also known as hot bending, refers to baking in a high temperature oven to acrylic softening, and then placed on a curved curved surface, to be formed after cooling. One point to note during the bending process is that the heating part must be identified, strictly according to the size of the drawing, and pay attention to the entire heating process to ensure that the heat of the heating part is uniform, so that the acrylic formed after the hot bending is accurate. Beautiful appearance.

It is also worth noting that if improper behavior occurs during the bending process, not only the expected effect is not achieved, but also the oblique deformation occurs. This not only causes material deformation and waste of working time, but also leads to direct scrapping of the product. Therefore, it also needs to rely on professional operators to complete.

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