Acrylic Goods Display Holder

Acrylic Goods Display Holder

Date:Mar 13, 2019


Product Brief:

Effective protection of various types of digital products, small electronic exhibits, as well as high-end craft gifts, jewelry, etc., in order to prevent product loss.

Product description:

1. Transparency:

Imported acrylic is a strict raw material selection, advanced formula and modern production technology, to ensure the transparency and pure whiteness of the plate, after laser polishing crystal clear. Imported acrylic is colourless and transparent, with a transparency of more than 95% and no yellow reflection.

2. hardness:

Hardness is one of the most important parameters reflecting the production process and technology of casting acrylic, and it is also an important link in quality control. Hardness reflects the purity of MMA, weatherability and high abuse of materials. Hardness directly affects whether the sheet shrinks or bends. Whether there will be cracks on the surface during processing is one of the hard marks to judge the quality of acrylic board. The average Darrow's degree is about 89 degrees. During World War II, because of its excellent toughness and transparency, acrylic was first applied to the windshield of aircraft and the vision mirror of the driver's cab of tanks.

3. Gloss:

Imported raw materials, soft gloss, good reflective effect, with store lights, high quality.

4. Thickness tolerance:

The quality management and production technology of the control room of thickness tolerance are important manifestations. The thickness tolerance of the imported material casting acrylic plate is controlled within +0.2mm.

5. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly:

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, no harmful contact with human body and no toxic gases when burning.

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