Acrylic Hanger

Acrylic Hanger

Date:Aug 28, 2019

clothes hangers,acrylic hanger, skirt hanger.We present a great collection of sturdy, durable and well-designed acrylic hangers.

Buy customized acrylic clothes hangers and kids hangers from our e-portal as each of our hangers in this segment maximizes garment display while ensuring easy handling. You can also buy mannequins online at affordable prices from our website. Their unique shape and design improves the clothing display and their eye-catchy look is perfect for every retail outlet, garment store or showroom. 

we offer hangers that have carefully-curated designs and shape which offer better control on garments and help in retaining their quality. Every Yageli acrylic hanger is designed to function as:

· Protective gear for the garments

· Durable wardrobe accessory

· An affordable device for garment maintenance

· Making garments stand out from the crowd

· A versatile add-on to handle clothes of all weights and sizes

· Medium to enhance the buyers in-store experience

Yageli is focused on manufacturing premium-quality hanger.

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