Acrylic Photo Frame Processing Technology

Acrylic Photo Frame Processing Technology

Date:Dec 16, 2018

1. Unloading: First, the material is opened according to the determined size. Because the most common size of the acrylic sheet on the market is 1220*2440mm, the factory needs to cut according to the size and color required by the customer according to the design and layout.

2. Polishing: The acrylic photo frame after cutting needs to be polished. After polishing, the acrylic photo frame will be more transparent, and the corners will be more rounded.

3, drilling: the most common one of the acrylic photo frame is the strong magnetic photo frame and the four-corner advertising nail photo frame. Acrylic magnet photo frame is a double-panel four-corner inlay magnet. The acrylic nail photo frame is a through hole, and the advertising nail can be installed by itself.

4, inlaid magnet: according to the size of the magnet to open the hole, the magnet into the hole of the acrylic photo frame, and then fix the magnet through the glue

5, tearing paper packaging: Acrylic board will be with a protective film, will be torn off when leaving the factory, the surface of the entire acrylic sheet will be very smooth and high-definition.

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