Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Date:Aug 25, 2020

The acrylic sneeze Guard is generally divided into 4 grids and 6 grids and 8 grids. It is made of 4 mm-10 mm thick transparent acrylic (PMMA) plate or transparent plexiglass (PS) plate. The dining table is divided into 4 or 6 8 independent spaces with a height of 60 It can be used for a long time. The acrylic spit shield can protect the safety of dining personnel in a large extent. It can also be used in opaque porcelain white PVC board KT Board made, price comparison acrylic plate plexiglass to cheap, low-cost, fast and simple installation, suitable for school canteen, factory restaurant, hotel staff gathering meal epidemic prevention protection.

 It's sell very well in Covid-19, good protection for your staff.

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