Are The Acrylis Sames With Prexiglass ?

Are The Acrylis Sames With Prexiglass ?

Date:Feb 27, 2019

Acrylic is a transliteration of English, and plexiglass is a common name for transparent acrylic sheets. Acrylic sheets come in a variety of colors and need to be distinguished from ordinary organic boards. Some common organic boards are PS boards, and some are recycled acrylic sheets. 

If it is a PS board, it is not an acrylic board at all, and the price is much cheaper. Nowadays, there are more acrylic bbs used in advertising, as well as buildings, ornaments and so on. Moreover, the acrylic materials produced by different manufacturers are also different, but the quality of domestically produced fine materials is similar, and the quality of recycled materials is somewhat different. 

The quality of imported acrylic materials is very good. Acrylic sheet prices are generally higher, domestically produced materials are not very transparent, but the price is cheaper and more common. Not suitable for outdoor advertising, it is easy to fade. Imported acrylic sheet and domestic acrylic sheet concentrate have better light resistance.

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