Book Holder Make Your Desk Cleaner

Book Holder Make Your Desk Cleaner

Date:Mar 13, 2019


The book holder is assembled by cutting acrylic board and then bonding with special glue.

In the past, we have seen that bookshelves are wooden, wooden bookshelves are mostly bulky, and the better the material is, the heavier the material is, and wooden bookshelves with bad material are prone to borers and not durable. These drawbacks can not be ignored, so people are forced to seek a better alternative material. At this time, acrylic material with its unique characteristics and the improvement of acrylic technology, acrylic. The bookshelf of the material of force can meet the demands of the public more and more, and can satisfy the individual pursuit of different tastes, thus being recognized and used more and more widely.

Acrylic materials combined with exquisite craftsmanship customized Acrylic bookshelf, first of all, the weight must be less than half, and the style is simple and generous, crystal clear, colorful after coloring, durable, and has the role of environmental protection, Acrylic bookshelf can place books, documents, archives you often consult, become the highlight of space, highlighting the personality of the room.

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