Characteristics Of Acrylic Force

Characteristics Of Acrylic Force

Date:Feb 27, 2019

The specifications of acrylic sheets can be divided into general plate and special plate. Common boards are: transparent boards, dyed transparent boards, opalescent boards, color boards; special boards are: bathroom boards, cloud boards, mirror boards, splint boards, hollow boards, impact boards, flame retardant boards, super wear-resistant boards, surface pattern boards, grinding boards, pearlescent boards, metal effect boards, etc. Different performance, different color and visual effects to meet the ever-changing requirements.

Because acrylic is easy to clean, it is the best new material to manufacture sanitary wares after ceramics. In real life, housewives are distressed by the clean cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. Some soot is not easy to clean, some dirt is not easy to wash off, but as long as the use of acrylic materials made of stoves, cabinets and other items, are very easy to clean.
In addition, as a special kind of plexiglass, acrylic has a good development in the field of aviation, acrylic can be used as windshield of aircraft, and its service life can reach several decades.

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