Display Frame Design Considerations

Display Frame Design Considerations

Date:Jan 13, 2019

The display frame design is an indispensable part of the display frame processing process. From the perspective of both parties, the functional requirements of the display frame must be communicated in detail before the display frame design, so that the design drawings of the display frame can be determined. The work can go on.

Display frame design considerations - production process

The design of the display frame should take into account each processing step. Any step leakage will lead to errors in the finished product, resulting in loss of both sides. The specific display frame design should also be compatible with the actual processing technology.

Display frame design considerations - drawings

In the design of the display frame, the confirmation of the drawing is the most important part of the customization process. During the period, the manufacturer and the customer must conduct detailed communication and communication on the drawings. It is especially important as a custom industry display frame design drawing. Repeatedly confirming the display frame design to avoid a series of disputes in the post-production process.

Display frame design considerations - proofing

For large-scale display rack design, in order to avoid errors in production, the proof processing will be given priority. Proofing is the last insurance in the design of the display frame, especially the design details of the display frame that cannot be expressed by the drawings such as color and transparency. Only the proofing process can avoid the leakage.

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