Does Acrylic Material Can Be Applied In Food

Does Acrylic Material Can Be Applied In Food

Date:Feb 21, 2019

Food Display: with 3 Shelves

This food storage bin, food display has a stylish design that can be used in any environment. This food display is ideal for use on any countertop or tabletop surface. A food display, like acrylic bins and food storage containers, is made from clear acrylic. The clear design of this food display makes it easy for customers to view the contents. This food display also has a front door and two rear doors for easy access to the contents. The front door allows customers to easily select food items, while the rear doors allow clerks to add new pastries from the back. We supply this food display with 3 removable trays for added convenience.

This countertop display bin, food display has many display possibilities. This food display, also known as an acrylic bin, can be used to display cookies, muffins, cup cakes and brownies. Make your food look more appealing and attractive by using this food display to display your food items. We supply this food display in many different sizes and designs. This food display can be used in restaurants, delis, bakeries and hotels.

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