Have You Ever Seen Such Acrylic?

Have You Ever Seen Such Acrylic?

Date:Mar 08, 2019

Acrylic, with crystal transparency, soft light, clear vision, dye-colored acrylic has a good color effect. At the same time, it has better weather resistance, higher surface hardness and gloss, and better high temperature performance.

Therefore, acrylic is often used as processing materials by many manufacturers, making advertising signs, display cabinets, display shelves, and even crafts.

Yageli has the following advantages in processing acrylic products:
1. Laser processing accuracy can be less than millimeter, acrylic incision is smooth, the product is more delicate and delicate;
2. Software control, graphics unlimited, easy to complete the traditional way can not complete the pattern and shape;
3. Laser cutting machine integrates cutting, carving, hollowing and other processes to meet the needs of acrylic process.
Yageli, let Acrylic have infinite possibilities!

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