How Does Acrylic Sign Holder Looks

How Does Acrylic Sign Holder Looks

Date:Feb 19, 2019

Clear Sign Holder for 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" Prints

This clear sign holder, also called an acrylic frame, is popular among restaurants and other businesses for tabletop advertising. The simple fold-over design features an open bottom and sides. Update this clear sign holder, table tent, by sliding old graphics out the side and inserting replacements through the bottom. This menu display is preferred by casual dining establishments to advertise dinner specials or wine lists on tabletops. Use this clear sign holder to display (2) 5-1/2"x8-1/2" sheets of paper back-to-back. Hotels typically place this frame in guest rooms to announce channel listings on one side and a room service menu on the other. This clear sign holder is a versatile display that is suitable for most any type of commercial setting. Buy this print display that is made of acrylic for your lobby, reception area or waiting room.

This clear sign holder is easy to maintain and looking new. An occasional damp rag and paper towel will keep this frame in good condition. This clear sign holder is a convenient size that doesn't require custom prints. Users can create signage straight from a standard office printer. Each clear sign holder is designed to hold a standard sheet of paper that has been cut in half to 5 1/2" wide! Create advertisements in a mirror-image and simply fold in half and insert into the frame. It is that easy! Order this clear sign holder in quantities of twenty or more to have additional units on hand.

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