How To Clean The Acrylic Sheet ?

How To Clean The Acrylic Sheet ?

Date:Mar 01, 2019

Alcohol is a kind of cleaning agent we use in life. For example, wiping the glass screen of a mobile phone is very good, but it may not be a good choice when dealing with acrylic sheets.

    Can I clean acrylic sheets with alcohol? First give a negative answer

    Acrylic sheets are made by casting or extrusion techniques through high-temperature melting materials. PMMA is the main component and it begins to melt above 150 degrees.

    Alcohol solvent is a highly volatile liquid that evaporates quickly at room temperature and absorbs a large amount of heat to cause a rapid drop in ambient temperature. Decomposition in the air with acrylic on the acrylic plate, the high temperature will swell, and the alcohol will volatilize and then shrink and shrink, which may cause the acrylic plate to burst.

    If so, for general dust disposal, use a chicken blanket or water and wipe with a soft cloth. If you want to handle surface grease, add water with a soft detergent and scrub with a soft cloth. In addition, if the product has scratches or surface wear is not too serious, you can try to use a polishing machine or a car roaster with a cloth wheel, immersed in an appropriate amount of liquid polishing wax, and evenly polished can be improved.

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