How To Make A Acrylic Towel Bar

How To Make A Acrylic Towel Bar

Date:Aug 09, 2019

how to make clear acrylic towel bar

Step 1

To start, measure where you want the towel hanger to go. Be sure it is long enough to hold one towel for a guest bathroom or multiple towels for a shared bathroom. Have the lucite rod cut to size—ours is 24 inches. If ordering online, you can opt to have it cut to your desired length.

step 2

Paint And Install Mounts

You will use ceiling mounts to hold your lucite rod in place. Spray-paint ceiling mounts desired color and let dry. Mark on the wall where you want the mounts to go. Use a tape measure and level to get a straight line. Mark the line with masking tape. Keep in mind that the distance between them should be shorter than the lucite bar so the ends of the bar stick out of the mount when installed. Use a drill and screws to attach the mounts to the wall. Aim to have at least one mount on a wall stud; use wall anchors if not attaching the mount to a stud.

Step 3

Install Bars

Slip rod into brackets and tighten screws. For extra hold, you can put a small dab of hot glue on the inside of the bracket before you insert the rod. Let dry before adding rod.


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