How To Make Acrylic Flower Box

How To Make Acrylic Flower Box

Date:Jul 19, 2019

how to make acrylic flower box to make your flower 

more attractive?

Step 1: Step One: Preparing the Material

Insert  Acrylic material into the Speedy 400 - 100W laser then proceed to adjust the laser settings to 100 power and 0.6 speed for cutting

Step 2: Step Two: Gluing/Assembling

Use acrylic glue to bind the edges together and to assemble the box.


Step 3: Sticking the Logo

Remove the adhesive backing and proceed to place your logo onto the Flower Box


Step 4: Step Three: Creating the Logo

Use TroLase Lights material (with 3M adhesive) to make your logo. When engraving your logo adjust the laser settings to 65 power and 100 speed for engraving, and set the laser to 45 power and 1.2 speed for cutting,


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