Mobile Glass Queen Factory Does Not Move To Southeast Asia

Mobile Glass Queen Factory Does Not Move To Southeast Asia

Date:Mar 08, 2019

Recently, with the bankruptcy of mobile phone accessories suppliers such as Fuchang, Huawei's first-class supplier, the mobile phone industry chain is in danger. In the context of the mobile phone price war, the situation of upstream mobile phone manufacturers is not optimistic, let alone downstream accessories manufacturers.
Zhou Qunfei, chairman of Lance Technologies, believes that "the important bottleneck restricting the development of smartphone parts is the matching of the industry chain." And Lance Technologies is also doing this layout.
Zhou Qunfei, the new "richest woman" in Hurun Women's Rich List 2015, the "richest woman from scratch in the world" and "the richest woman from scratch in the world". At the same time, there are too many rumors such as "Xiaosan Shangshan".
An unconfirmed figure shows that one out of every two pieces of high-end smartphone glass in the world comes from Lance. And Lance has attracted much attention because of "Apple Concept Stock" and "PetroChina in the GEM".
For businesses, she said, "I don't want my business to be the largest, but the most innovative. Because scale does not mean strength, on the contrary, in the smartphone industry, where technology iterates fairly quickly, scale often means inflexibility.

Zhou Qunfei told reporters that due to the rising cost of labor in China, some multinational corporation partners once advised her to invest in Southeast Asia to set up factories, but she was very clear about the bottleneck restricting the development of smartphone parts as a whole, that is, the matching of the industrial chain.
"This is a very important issue. In Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, there is a lack of relevant supporting facilities, especially mature skilled workers. Although the labor force is cheap, many jobs can not be done." Indeed, the partner failed to persuade Lance to invest in glass panels in Vietnam, but ultimately failed.
In order to improve the matching of industrial chain, Zhou Qunfei began to make efforts in this area after he switched from Lansi to Hunan. On the one hand, he invested in some upstream accessories or materials, on the other hand, he gradually expanded downstream.
"In the future, we can not only be a company providing mobile glass windows, but also do more, such as providing some complete parts." Zhou Qunfei said.

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