Teach You How To Choose Glass Bathroom

Teach You How To Choose Glass Bathroom

Date:Mar 08, 2019

With the dramatic improvement of people's living water products, the requirements of modern home for sanitary facilities are becoming higher and higher. More families hope to have independent and comfortable bathing space to realize the combination of function and beauty.
Therefore, how to choose a suitable and safe shower room becomes particularly important. Here is a brief summary for you, so that you can choose and buy it easily.

1. look at the glass.
See whether the glass is permeable, whether there are any defects such as miscellaneous spots, bubbles, etc.
Brief analysis: Impurity of glass material or defect of technology will make glass have defects such as miscellaneous spots and bubbles, and reduce the hardness and strength of glass. (2) See if there is 3C mark certification on the original glass sheet.
Brief analysis: 3C certification is the abbreviation of China's compulsory product certification, shower real estate products can not be sold without this logo.
(3) See the sample of completely toughened glass fragments
Brief analysis: According to the national standard, the safe breakage of tempered glass per 50*50 mm area should be over 40 grains.
2. look at aluminum
The Hardness of Aluminum Material
Brief analysis: Aluminum materials in shower room often need to support the weight of tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms of glass. If the hardness and thickness are not good, the service life of shower will be very short. The hardness and thickness of all aluminium materials are important assessment indicators. Qualified aluminium materials in shower rooms are all over 1.2 mm in thickness, and glass and aluminium materials for rail suspension should be above 1.5 mm. The hardness of aluminium can be tested by hand-pressed aluminium frame. It is difficult for adults to deform aluminium with hand-pressed aluminium frame whose hardness is more than 13 degrees.
(2) See whether the surface of aluminium is smooth, with or without color difference and trachoma, and the profile finish.
Brief analysis: When used aluminium scrap is treated, the surface is not smooth enough, there will be obvious color difference and trachoma, and the brightness of special section is dark.

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