The Latest Application Of Acrylic

The Latest Application Of Acrylic

Date:Feb 19, 2019

Acrylic furniture first appeared in Europe in the 1990s. By the 21st century, acrylic furniture has achieved great development. In high-end hotels and villas, acrylic furniture can be seen in the field of home decoration.

Since the first acrylic sheet produced by Rohm & Haas in Germany in 1920, the application of acrylic has become more and more widely available in Germany.

In 1941, a designer of a German craftsman suddenly felt when designing jewelry. If acrylic can be used as a material for furniture, it is definitely a perfect thing, so I designed a design drawing of a coffee table using acrylic material, and in three The coffee table was made in the days after, and the appearance was perfect as he had expected. However, the structural design was lacking. So far, acrylic furniture was born.

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