Three Precautions For Using Acrylic Products

Three Precautions For Using Acrylic Products

Date:Nov 08, 2018

Because acrylic products have many advantages over other traditional materials, such as more beautiful appearance, better transparency, more variety, etc., good brand, reputable acrylic products are widely used in various fields, such as various display stands, daily necessities, In the workshop building and some other commercial fields, although the performance of such materials is excellent, users should pay attention to the following types of problems when using them to ensure that the acrylic products can have a long service life.

1, the right cleaning products

When using acrylic products, users must also pay attention to the correct cleaning according to the maintenance requirements. When cleaning the acrylic material in the general environment, users need to use a soft cloth to wipe the lower concentration of soapy water. Remember not to use sharp objects or dry objects to wipe the acrylic to ensure that the surface is not scratched. .

2, separate from the organic solvent storage

Because acrylic materials are easily chemically reacted with other organic solvents, users should pay attention to storing products in large quantities. They should not be stored close to the organic solvent products in the same warehouse. Do not touch organic solvents to avoid such products. Acrylic damage and deformation, affecting its aesthetics and practical use.

3, pay attention to temperature changes

When users use acrylic products, they also need to pay attention to the temperature change, because this material is very sensitive to the outside temperature. Because the thermal expansion coefficient of this kind of material is very large, the user must consider the influence of temperature on this material, and can not use the acrylic material in the environment with too high temperature, so as to avoid deformation or damage of the product due to excessive temperature. Case.

When users use acrylic products, in addition to paying attention to the fact that the product must be stored separately from the organic solvent, avoiding hard object cleaning and always paying attention to the product use temperature, one problem to be aware of is that the user purchases the product from the wholesale supplier of the acrylic product manufacturer. Do not directly scratch or tear off the protective paper of the product protection paper, because the product is easy to cause bumps in the transportation process to affect the appearance or shape of the material.

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